Clashes over religiously motivated gender segregation at Canadian, British campuses


If a student or group requests a gender-segregated setup for religious reasons, does the university have a responsibility to accommodate? 

U. of Chicago grad students who are breast-feeding want a place to pump


Debate at U. of Chicago raises question: Are graduate students who are breastfeeding mothers entitled to a private place to pump?


Appeals court upholds dismissal of professor who talked about sex with students

Appeals court finds Slippery Rock U. was within its rights to dismiss a tenured professor for sex discussions with students on a spring break trip he led.

New book on gender, family and academe shows how kids affect careers in higher education


A decadelong research initiative out of the University of California at Berkeley culminates in a detailed look at the effects of children on men's and women's academic careers.

Diversity plays positive and negative roles in University of Kentucky provost search


After media scrutiny about all the white men in the University of Kentucky administration, two women and a Hispanic male are named finalists in the provost search. Can a public emphasis on diversity undermine the goal?

Study debunks myth that male faculty 'milk' paid leave

Male faculty members don't take paid parental leave as often as critics assert, even when their spouses also work.

Catholic colleges worry as number of female presidents falls

For decades, female presidents led the majority of Catholic colleges. But as women leaders have gained ground elsewhere, at Catholic colleges, they’re disappearing.

Study finds female college graduates newly on the job market are punished for having good grades


Employers favor new college graduates with moderate academic success but not high achievement, study finds. New male graduates' grades don't seem to have much impact.

Study says students rate men more highly than women even when they're teaching identical courses

Study says students rate male instructors more highly than women even when they're teaching identical courses.

Study finds a given discipline's perceived gender bias -- not math -- is biggest predictor of whether women major in it


Study finds that a given discipline's perceived gender bias plays the biggest role in whether women choose to major in it.


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