Disparate Burden

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New data show just how unequally child-care responsibilities fall on male and female professors.

Changing the Rules

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The Bush administration -- without fanfare -- makes it easier for college sports programs to comply with Title IX.

A Real Option

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The U. of California is considering a policy that might make part-time faculty careers -- before and after tenure -- more viable than ever before.

The Anti-Summers

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Princeton's president offers her views on women and science and we compare her speech on the topic to Larry Summers's.

The Push to Get In

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Early decision applications continue to rise at competitive colleges -- and colleges continue to see more applications from women.

Protection for Title IX Whistle Blowers

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Employees who face retaliation for bringing gender bias claims are entitled to damages, Supreme Court rules.

'Life of the Mind and of the Heart'

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Colleges are at risk of losing some of the most talented young academics -- especially female ones -- if they don't make major changes in the faculty career path. That was the message at a briefing Tuesday for presidents attending the annual meeting of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.

The New Larry Summers on Women and Science

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Harvard's president gave another talk last night -- and offered very different views from those that got him in hot water.

'Potty Parity'

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With Larry Summers questioning their science ability, and the Bush administration weakening Title IX, it has not been a great year for women in higher education.

But the Los Angeles Community College District has adopted a new policy that will help its female students in a most practical way: The ratios used to set the number of male and female bathroom stalls -- a ratio that has allowed men to zip in and zip out, while women stand in line -- is changing.

NCAA Urges U.S. to Rescind Title IX Guidance

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Association leaders tell colleges to ignore Education Department policy on e-mail surveys of athletes' interest.


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