Summers Faces a Faculty Storm

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Harvard's president hears a barrage of criticism from angry professors.

Scrutiny on Sexual Harassment

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A pair of sexual harassment claims against professors at Western Oregon University has drawn the attention of the state's top official.

3 Presidents Rebuke Summers

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In a highly unusual move, the presidents of three leading universities issued a statement Thursday to challenge the views of Lawrence H. Summers, the president of Harvard University, on women and science.

Summers has apologized for his statements, in which he suggested that "innate differences" between men and women may be a reason why there are so few women in science.

An Adult Revenue Stream

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Students at a community college in Los Angeles want to know why a division of Playboy was allowed to shoot a video on their institution's baseball field. The answer? $5,000.

Disparate Burden

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New data show just how unequally child-care responsibilities fall on male and female professors.

Changing the Rules

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The Bush administration -- without fanfare -- makes it easier for college sports programs to comply with Title IX.

A Real Option

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The U. of California is considering a policy that might make part-time faculty careers -- before and after tenure -- more viable than ever before.

The Anti-Summers

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Princeton's president offers her views on women and science and we compare her speech on the topic to Larry Summers's.

The Push to Get In

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Early decision applications continue to rise at competitive colleges -- and colleges continue to see more applications from women.

Protection for Title IX Whistle Blowers

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Employees who face retaliation for bringing gender bias claims are entitled to damages, Supreme Court rules.


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