Liberal arts colleges

New analysis challenges the narrative of decline about liberal arts colleges

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New analysis suggests that the institutions aren't disappearing -- and may be growing if one counts honors colleges at public universities. 


New competency-based programs at Lipscomb could be model for liberal arts colleges

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Lipscomb University shows what competency-based education can look like in its blended form, both in-person and at a liberal arts college.

Lipscomb University's assessment center's high stakes approach to competency-based education

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Incoming students in competency-based programs at Lipscomb University spend a long day trying to prove their baseline skills and behavior, with 30 college credits on the line. 

Evergreen State College's unusual take on assessment

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Evergreen State College's lone graduation requirement is surprisingly simple -- and surprisingly complex.

Faculty-sharing experiment is working out the kinks

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A much-hyped faculty-sharing experiment among several small colleges seemed promising when it was announced a few years ago. But sharing isn't as straightforward at it seems.

Saybrook joins growing nonprofit education system, a possible new model for higher ed

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Saybrook University joins TCS Education, part of an emergent set of nonprofit coalitions aimed at providing administrative efficiency found in public and for-profit systems.

Prestigious liberal arts colleges face ratings downgrades

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Prestigious liberal arts colleges are facing financial pressures, according to recent credit ratings.

Colorado College's education major challenges whether disciplines still define the liberal arts

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New education major at Colorado College, a thriving liberal arts college, challenges whether sector should still be defined by traditional disciplines.

White House's new scorecard oversimplifies institutions, liberal arts advocates say

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Advocates for liberal arts education worry that White House’s new College Scorecard oversimplifies the college-selection process and places too much emphasis on financial aspects of the decision.

In the Netherlands, the growth of liberal arts colleges has influenced the higher ed sector as a whole

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The growth of liberal arts colleges in the Netherlands has helped pave the way for broader changes in the country’s higher education sector.


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