Liberal arts colleges

The Heat Is Turned Up

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Education Department panel blasts controversial accreditor of liberal education programs, restricting its authority for 6 months.

Fund Raising First and Foremost

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Board ousts president who revived St. Andrews Presbyterian College, favoring chief who focuses even more on development.

Keeping (Tuition) Up With the Jones

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Princeton's freeze draws headlines, Grinnell plans hefty hike. Some think the college raising prices is going to help more students.

Phi Beta Kappa Enters Policy World

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Honor society -- in first political position taken in recent memory -- criticizes Spellings Commission for ignoring liberal arts.

Tuition Runs Out Today

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Albright College raises awareness of the true cost of education by citing role of donors in subsidizing a third of the academic year.

Peaceful End at Guilford?

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College judicial process has ended and court case might not proceed. Is apparent resolution to attack on Palestinians reflective of reconciliation?

Off-Campus Cancer Cluster?

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Newspaper's investigation into illnesses among young alumni puts Susquehanna U. officials on the defensive.

Davidson Eliminates All Loans

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Just days after move by Hamilton, another liberal arts college challenges conventional wisdom on aid policy.

Librarians Tackle Information Illiteracy

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Small liberal arts colleges join the growing movement to deal with limitations of students' research abilities.

Battle Lines on 'U.S. News'

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After years of complaints and months of talk about challenging the role of U.S. News & World Report in ranking colleges, 12 college presidents have come forward with a call to arms. In a letter being sent to hundreds of liberal arts college presidents, the 12 call for their colleagues to stop filling out the survey of institutional reputations that makes up 25 percent of scores in the rankings -- the largest single factor in the formula.


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