Liberal arts colleges

Proposed College Resurfaces, in Virginia

Officials of for-profit Founders College insist that emphasis on liberal arts, not Ayn Rand's philosophy, would distinguish it.

Momentum for Open Access Research

Dozens of liberal arts presidents issue statement backing legislation to put federally sponsored research online, free.

For-Profit White Knight?

Sierra Nevada may continue as a nonprofit liberal arts college -- through a deal with Michael Milken's education company.

Quality Over Quantity

Dickinson College urges students to participate in fewer activities – but to do them better.

Reaching Out at Hamilton

College at center of Ward Churchill debate starts center on freedom and capitalism -- and faces concerns over governance.

Branches in Different Time Zones

Why are private colleges in New Hampshire, Ohio and Texas thinking of setting up shop outside Phoenix?

Fielding a Faltering Team

Following difficulties admitting players, rumors swirl that Pomona is dropping football, but administrators deny it.

The Heat Is Turned Up

Education Department panel blasts controversial accreditor of liberal education programs, restricting its authority for 6 months.

Fund Raising First and Foremost

Board ousts president who revived St. Andrews Presbyterian College, favoring chief who focuses even more on development.

Keeping (Tuition) Up With the Jones

Princeton's freeze draws headlines, Grinnell plans hefty hike. Some think the college raising prices is going to help more students.


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