Liberal arts colleges

Closed Doors

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Study documents the increasing difficulty of transferring to elite private institutions from community colleges.

Moving Ahead on Admissions Reforms

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College presidents and others will advance agenda for rethinking many practices.

Last Chance at Rockford

Smart Title: 
How a small college fell deeply into debt -- and why a successful academic leader came out of retirement to try to save it.

The Next Frontier for Private Colleges

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A small town outside Phoenix is opening its arms to small private colleges -- and some from the Midwest are taking a serious look.

Merge or Fold

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Sierra Nevada's president and vice president quit as innovative college prepares to be absorbed by partner.

Proposed College Resurfaces, in Virginia

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Officials of for-profit Founders College insist that emphasis on liberal arts, not Ayn Rand's philosophy, would distinguish it.

Momentum for Open Access Research

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Dozens of liberal arts presidents issue statement backing legislation to put federally sponsored research online, free.

For-Profit White Knight?

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Sierra Nevada may continue as a nonprofit liberal arts college -- through a deal with Michael Milken's education company.

Quality Over Quantity

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Dickinson College urges students to participate in fewer activities – but to do them better.

Reaching Out at Hamilton

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College at center of Ward Churchill debate starts center on freedom and capitalism -- and faces concerns over governance.


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