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Williams Drops Loans and Wesleyan Curbs Them

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Movement to eliminate student borrowing grows -- and Davidson College, which did so in the spring, reports gains as a result.

Antioch Survives -- at What Price?

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University board lifts order to suspend operations for college, but keeps financial exigency and won't recruit freshmen -- moves that anger many.

A Big Tuition Hike ... Requested by Students

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Augustana College plans to up charges substantially and create grants for juniors and seniors to use for educational experiences they might not otherwise have.

Counterpoint to Presidential Careerism

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In era of million-dollar campus CEO's, small college group urges focus on "fit" between leaders' personal "call" and the mission of their institutions.

Potemkin Rankings

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Washington & Jefferson improved in key factors, yet fell in the eyes of U.S. News. Does this demonstrate that money is all that really counts and the rest is just for show?

Professionalizing Liberal Arts, and Vice Versa

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Some institutions may find themselves looking for ways to meld liberal arts and professional curriculums, a union that often causes friction.

'Business' by Any Other Name...

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Many liberal arts colleges have long struggled to balance increasing emphases on professional preparation with a core curriculum. Business, in particular, has been blooming.

But not without significant discussions at administrative and faculty levels about what that business education should look like -- and not without some aversion to calling the final products "business" programs.

Antioch College to Suspend Operations (Probably)

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University announces its belief that negotiation of a possible transfer of control aren't far enough along to stay open next academic year.

Drive Starts to Preserve 'Non-Stop Antioch'

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Antioch University's announcement last week that its board had "reconfirmed" plans to shutter Antioch College at the end of this academic year has prompted a flurry of activity to prevent that from happening.

Antioch U. Trustees Reject Plan to Save College and Offer to Sell It

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Board says proposal wasn't financially responsible. Alumni and donors blast board and plan to try to operate the college by themselves.


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