Liberal arts colleges

Antioch U. Trustees Reject Plan to Save College and Offer to Sell It

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Board says proposal wasn't financially responsible. Alumni and donors blast board and plan to try to operate the college by themselves.

Joining the Guilds

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Kalamazoo College creates a set of "guilds" to connect students and alumni through meaningful projects in four interdisciplinary areas.

On Secularity

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In a four-college project, professors and chaplains consider how secular frameworks enable -- and limit -- student exploration of "the big questions."

Salt in the Wounds at Antioch

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After another round of negotiations that some thought would keep college open, university board rejects deal to do just that.

Unexpected First Generation Path

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Many small private colleges are having success with students whose families lack backgrounds in higher education.

Disappearing Raises and Vice Presidents at Lambuth

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Growing discount rate and rising costs create financial crunch -- and worries -- at a private university.

Is There a Pharmacist in the House?

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In response to overwhelming demand for graduates, more institutions create pharmacy colleges.

Will More Colleges Merge?

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Recent moves by some private institutions -- combined with worsening economy -- have some experts predicting more consolidation in next few years.

Playing the Name Game

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Loyola College in Maryland has decided to call itself Loyola University Maryland, but some alumni are concerned the new name won’t reflect the institution’s values.

A President Becomes an Undergraduate

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After 18 years leading colleges, Roger Martin decided to enroll as a freshman at St. John's -- to experience the liberal arts in a pure form, and to join the crew team.


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