Liberal arts colleges

Saybrook joins growing nonprofit education system, a possible new model for higher ed

Saybrook University joins TCS Education, part of an emergent set of nonprofit coalitions aimed at providing administrative efficiency found in public and for-profit systems.

Prestigious liberal arts colleges face ratings downgrades

Prestigious liberal arts colleges are facing financial pressures, according to recent credit ratings.

Colorado College's education major challenges whether disciplines still define the liberal arts

New education major at Colorado College, a thriving liberal arts college, challenges whether sector should still be defined by traditional disciplines.

White House's new scorecard oversimplifies institutions, liberal arts advocates say

Advocates for liberal arts education worry that White House’s new College Scorecard oversimplifies the college-selection process and places too much emphasis on financial aspects of the decision.

In the Netherlands, the growth of liberal arts colleges has influenced the higher ed sector as a whole


The growth of liberal arts colleges in the Netherlands has helped pave the way for broader changes in the country’s higher education sector.

Private college presidents push campaign to limit use of non-need-based aid

At meeting of private college presidents, campaign to discourage use of student aid that is not tied to financial need gains some momentum.

Sage Colleges reinstate tenure to improve academic profile

While the percentage of tenured faculty members continues to decline nationally, the Sage Colleges worked to re-establish the practice in a bid to improve the institution's academic profile.

Liberal arts colleges rethink their messaging in the face of criticism

Colleges and organizations promoting liberal arts education, tired of being the anecdote for every article about the changing higher education landscape, are trying to find a way to get their message across.

Study finds that liberal arts colleges are disappearing


Study finds a significant decline over the last 20 years in number of institutions whose missions align with the sector.

Grinnell, one of the country's wealthiest colleges, questions sustainability of financial aid

Grinnell College, one of the wealthiest liberal arts colleges, says its current financial aid policy is unsustainable, raising questions for other need-blind institutions. 


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