Liberal arts colleges

Not Scared of Selectivity

Report highlights how successful community college transfer students can be at top-tier four-year institutions -- if they get the right kind of assistance.

Liberal Arts, Post-Recession

With its discount rate rising, Augustana makes adjustments in curriculum and considers whether the best way to preserve a college's mission is to broaden it.

Revived Antioch Gets a President

Mark Roosevelt, who earned praise for leading Pittsburgh schools, says he was drawn by the college's mission and history.

Guilford Grows Up

Liberal arts college with Quaker roots doubles in size over last decade, largely due to surge in adult learners.

Football Scholarships Sacked, For Now

Patriot League, which includes selective liberal arts colleges, decides not to decide on athletic aid for pigskin players.

Defending the Liberal Arts College

In podcast interview, Grinnell's new president discusses transition, the role of such institutions and ways they may need to change.

Price Check at Sewanee

U. of the South cuts tuition by 10%, seeking to reverse both rising discount rate and increased spending on merit aid. Could other private colleges follow?


Dickinson looks to infuse liberal education into military training -- and to get similar colleges to build ties to the armed forces.

Heading for a Crash?

Liberal arts tech enthusiasts brainstorm about solutions to liberal education's "broken" business model -- and decide technology may not be the key issue.

In the Market for Transfers

Dickinson hopes partnership with community colleges will attract applicants when number of high school graduates in region dips. First, the college has to make the newcomers feel welcome.


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