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March for Science participants say why they rallied

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Academics, graduate students and others brave the cold and rain in Washington Saturday to rally for science and research. Participants told Inside Higher Ed why they joined the event.

University researchers and scientists make rare political engagement over fears about federal role

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Cautioning that the event is not an anti-Trump protest, supporters of the March for Science plan to take a more vocal role in advocating for support of research and inquiry.

Congress and White House appear to back return of year-round Pell in upcoming budget bill

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Congressional Republicans and the Trump White House appear poised to bring back year-round Pell Grant eligibility, which the Obama administration and Congress nixed in 2012 over cost concerns.

IRS tool for financial aid applicants could be down until next aid cycle

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After briefings with congressional committees, federal agencies deliver more bad news on the status of the IRS data retrieval tool.

Repeal of Obama's higher education regulations won't be swift process for GOP

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Republicans swept to power after years of complaints about the Obama administration's crackdown on for-profit colleges. But only tentative steps to roll back regulations have followed, and two major rules could be headed for a drawn-out negotiation process.

Ideas for improving higher education's primary role in work force development

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Republican-dominated Washington wants more occupational job training as an alternative to college degrees. But higher education will remain the federal government’s primary job-training system, albeit one experts say could use a reboot.

Revised travel ban excludes current visa holders but continues to raise concerns for higher education

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Revised travel ban promises to reduce disruption to current students and scholars from affected countries, but concerns remain for new international enrollments and American higher ed’s continued ability to attract top talent from abroad.

DeVos confirmation squeaks through Senate

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After winning confirmation with the vice president's tie-breaking vote, new education secretary is expected to shift away from Obama policies on for-profit higher education, regulation and dealing with sexual assault on campus.

Experts say Trump cannot cut Berkeley's funds, despite his tweet

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Experts say current law doesn’t permit punishing a university over handling of a speaker -- and that the president’s tweet distorted what took place.

Two GOP senators withhold full endorsement of education secretary nominee

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In committee vote on nomination of Betsy DeVos for education secretary, two Republican senators withhold full endorsement of the Michigan school choice activist, signaling possible trouble for her on the Senate floor.


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