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Obama pitches free community college, higher education tax credits in State of the Union

Obama makes his case to the nation for universal, free community college, as he also promotes revamped tax credits for education. 

Obama's higher education plan for the end of his term

The White House adds to its lengthy list of proposals for higher education, but faces long odds in Congress for most of the agenda.

Obama's new tax plans would shift education tax credits and Pell Grants, and pay for free community college tuition

Obama proposes shifts in education tax credits and Pell Grants, using increased taxes on wealthy individuals and financial institutions to pay the costs, and to finance plan for free community college.

White House plan could change relationship between government and higher education

The president's free community college plan may change the balance between the federal government, states and colleges.

Community college experts welcome Obama's plan, with some reservations

Obama's free tuition plan is a hit among community college leaders, but some experts worry about details and whether the money could be more targeted.

Obama is joined by Republicans for unveiling of free community college plan

Bipartisanship is on display as President Obama announces free community college plan in Tennessee, but proposal likely faces tough odds in Congress.

White House plans to take Tennessee Promise national

Obama unveils outline of federal matching grant proposal that would seek to make two years of community college free nationwide.

Associations weigh in on how to gauge post-college outcomes

Three public college associations release draft discussion guide for how to measure student success after college.

GAO report finds state education and workforce databases lacking

Despite $640 million in federal spending, many holes remain in state databases that try to link college outcomes to the employment market.

Creation of Obama's college ratings tested the Education Department

The Education Department faced a big challenge in creating a ratings system, with a timeline that kept slipping as critics happily filled the void.


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