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Cutting Their Losses

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In response to a survey on new "state authorization" rules, many colleges say they plan to abandon certain states rather than obtain permission from all 50.

A Graduate Student Burden

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The end of subsidized graduate loans in an era of declining resources means students will have to bear much of the increased costs.


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In an "earmark-free" era, universities that for years relied on friends in Congress try to win grants like everyone else -- by applying for them.

Short-Term Stability, But ...

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A last-minute compromise debt deal appears to have kept Pell Grants largely intact, but leaves plenty of uncertainty going forward.

Anxiety and Uncertainty

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As Aug. 2 deadline for increasing the federal debt limit nears, no one seems to know what will happen to federal student aid payouts if a deal is not reached. Agencies are mum.

For-Profit Debate Redux

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Senate roundtable features continued criticism of the sector -- and continued pushback against more regulation.

Frustration with the Feds

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At annual gathering, financial aid administrators say they are exasperated by the constantly changing regulatory environment of recent years.

The End of Subsidized Loans?

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A GOP proposal in talks to raise the federal debt limit would end the subsidized student loan program for undergraduates.

'State Authorization' Struck Down

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WASHINGTON -- Higher education hates the U.S. Education Department's recently enacted regulation requiring institutions to seek and gain approval from any state in which they operate, and has fought it on multiple fronts. Late Tuesday colleges and universities got at least a temporary reprieve from the part of the rule to which they most object -- its application to online programs in which even one student from a state enrolls.

Naughty and Nice on College Price

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U.S. Education Department has released lists -- 54 in all -- of most and least expensive colleges and those increasing tuition at the fastest rate. Will they matter?


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