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Bush Push on 'Critical' Foreign Languages

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On Thursday, President Bush and a bevy of government officials -- including the secretaries of state, education and defense -- announced a wide ranging plan to enhance the foreign language skills of American students.

Several college leaders applauded attention to an area that many view as underdeveloped in the United States. At the same time, others said that they needed more details about the plan -- few of which were released -- and some have expressed concern over the large Pentagon role in it.

Aid and Appeals on Foreign Languages

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At presidents' summit, Bush administration officials propose Fulbright expansion and ask colleges for help.

Federal Flu for Health Professions Education

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Congress slashes funds for programs aimed at training doctors in geriatrics and other fields and diversifying work force.

IRB 'Shopping' Not a Problem, FDA Concludes

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It's not often that the federal government (or company or university or other large organization, for that matter) says openly: Never mind. We were wrong.

The Gift Colleges Don't Want

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It is supposed to be a boon for colleges and students, the one major provision in federal legislation to reduce the budget deficit that makes it easier for higher education to swallow the unpalatable parts of the bill that cut benefits to students. After all, the proposed program would provide $3.75 billion in grant aid for students, a rare injection of new federal funds into higher education at a time of fiscal austerity and budget slashing.

Budget Outlook for 2007? Bleak

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As federal budget process gears up, Congressional aides anticipate more cuts to college-related programs.

On the Chopping Block Again

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Administration again goes after programs preparing low-income students for college -- leaving educators puzzled and angry.

A Tale of 2 Speakers

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After Senate aide warns private college officials about scrutiny on compensation issues, Santorum butters them up.

Drug Warnings Could Protect Students, Too

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U.S. panel urges stricter warnings on ADHD medications, but kids and older adults aren’t the only concern.

Crisis of Confidence

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In unusually blunt session, academic leaders are warned that they need to change their language, political strategy and ideas.


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