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Another Change to 'Gainful Employment' Regs

Proposed rule would ease requirements for approval for new vocational programs.

Senate Budget Would Preserve Pell

A Senate panel approved an Education Department budget that would sustain the maximum Pell Grant in part by ending subsidized interest during student loans' grace period.

Calculating Costs and Benefits

New requirement that colleges display "net price calculators" could reshape tuition pricing, financial aid policies and admissions -- or maybe not.

Cutting Back on Kazakh

Faced with deep cuts to federal funding for foreign languages, some universities are dropping uncommon -- and strategically important -- languages.

Cutting Their Losses

In response to a survey on new "state authorization" rules, many colleges say they plan to abandon certain states rather than obtain permission from all 50.

A Graduate Student Burden

The end of subsidized graduate loans in an era of declining resources means students will have to bear much of the increased costs.


In an "earmark-free" era, universities that for years relied on friends in Congress try to win grants like everyone else -- by applying for them.

Short-Term Stability, But ...

A last-minute compromise debt deal appears to have kept Pell Grants largely intact, but leaves plenty of uncertainty going forward.

Anxiety and Uncertainty

As Aug. 2 deadline for increasing the federal debt limit nears, no one seems to know what will happen to federal student aid payouts if a deal is not reached. Agencies are mum.

For-Profit Debate Redux

Senate roundtable features continued criticism of the sector -- and continued pushback against more regulation.


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