Federal policy

A Potpourri of Political Posturing

In wide-ranging session, House committee confronts Horowitz, Title IX and 'anti-American activity.'

Sharing the Pain

House panel votes to impose cuts on lenders but makes advocates for students unhappy, too.

Imperfect (Yet Successful?) Bill

House Higher Ed Act legislation has something for everyone to like and dislike.

Signs of a Thaw in China

State Department reports sharp rise in number of Chinese seeking visas to study in the United States.

Parking Garages and Other Pork

Transportation bill passed by Congress last month contains nearly $500 million in earmarks for colleges.

Clearing the Way for Disability Claims

Appeals court says state immunity does not protect universities in Texas and Louisiana from federal lawsuits.

Former Mich. State President to Lead Land Grant Group

Peter McPherson wants to stress issues of student access and international education.

Advice for the Senate

College groups offer suggestions on how to improve on the House's Higher Ed Act legislation.

Student Aid and College Tax Credits

Many Americans qualify for federal education tax breaks but don't use them, U.S. study finds.

U.S. Help for Students Affected by Katrina

Education Department will ease financial aid for transferring students and waive rules, officials say.


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