Federal policy

Default Rates Fall Again

4.5% of borrowers in 2003 failed to repay their student loans, down from 5.2% in 2002.

Gulf Coast Aid -- From Student Loans?

Higher education groups pan Senate proposal to use savings from Higher Ed Act to pay for Katrina recovery.

Dissent and Cake -- Happy Constitution Day!

Colleges plan a variety of ways to mark a holiday they have been ordered to celebrate.

Tactical Shift or Tactical Error?

AAUP endorsed statement on academic responsibilities, but comes out against including it in key federal bill.

Going After the Little Guys

The Pentagon has cited three independent law schools for barring military recruiters -- but what about Harvard?

Academic-FBI Rapprochement

Bureau appoints panel of university presidents to advise it on relations with higher education.

Few Funds for Higher Education

Initial federal proposals for post-Katrina relief provide comparatively little for colleges and students.

The Future of Higher Ed

U.S. education secretary forms panel to craft "national strategy" for America's college system.

A Supreme Battle Takes Shape

All parties weigh in on law denying funds to colleges that restrict campus access to military recruiters.

Familiar Sounding Budget Cuts

Republican plan to offset Katrina spending suggests ending federal backing of grad student loans, NEH and AmeriCorps.


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