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To Tie the Yellow Ribbon?

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Colleges grapple with complexities of federal matching program that will supplement veterans' benefits under the new GI Bill.

Liberal Arts, Behind Bars

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Wesleyan University plans to start offering for-credit courses for prisoners.

Innovation Crowded Out

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For the second time in four years, Education Department cancels open grant competition for higher ed reform, as Congressional and White House priorities eat up the budget.

'Mobilization' for Math and Science Education

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WASHINGTON -- Math and science education throughout the country must improve dramatically if America hopes to compete in the 21st century, according to a study released Wednesday.

The report, conducted by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, outlines a comprehensive and ambitious plan to advance math and science learning. The main objectives include establishing high and common assessment standards in those subjects across all 50 states, as well as aggressively recruiting and supporting teachers.

Building Up Job Training

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Community colleges await details of major Obama plan, expecting Workforce Investment Act to be vehicle.

The Obama Plan

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Community college leaders praise its unprecedented attention and many campus leaders say the $12 billion could be crucial. Others warn not to view the president's agenda as a panacea.

Federal Cooperation

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Education and Labor Departments, often at odds with one another, assure Senate subcommittee of their willingness to work together on reform of Workforce Investment Act.

New GI Bill Becomes Law

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President Obama speaks at event celebrating a vast expansion of educational benefits for veterans.

Anticipating Impact of New GI Bill

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Report suggests veterans, who have flocked to community colleges, part-time, might seek more expensive four-year universities and enroll full-time because of new benefits.

Unprecedented Demand, Dwindling Funding

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Survey of state directors of community college systems finds many experienced midyear state budget cuts last year and expect another round of such cuts in 2010.


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