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The Gift Colleges Don't Want

It is supposed to be a boon for colleges and students, the one major provision in federal legislation to reduce the budget deficit that makes it easier for higher education to swallow the unpalatable parts of the bill that cut benefits to students. After all, the proposed program would provide $3.75 billion in grant aid for students, a rare injection of new federal funds into higher education at a time of fiscal austerity and budget slashing.

Budget Outlook for 2007? Bleak

As federal budget process gears up, Congressional aides anticipate more cuts to college-related programs.

On the Chopping Block Again

Administration again goes after programs preparing low-income students for college -- leaving educators puzzled and angry.

A Tale of 2 Speakers

After Senate aide warns private college officials about scrutiny on compensation issues, Santorum butters them up.

Drug Warnings Could Protect Students, Too

U.S. panel urges stricter warnings on ADHD medications, but kids and older adults aren’t the only concern.

Crisis of Confidence

In unusually blunt session, academic leaders are warned that they need to change their language, political strategy and ideas.

Advice for Senate on Nonprofit Boards

Federal scrutiny of governance is good, but law or regulation would be a mistake, guests tell Congressional aides.

A New Lobbying Year Begins

Facing uphill climb, student group rallies on Capitol Hill for increased spending on grants and student aid.

Serious Message, Humorous Delivery

College group's media campaign -- filled with comical moments -- aims to make the case for significance of higher education.

A Serious Phone Bill

Proposed change in financing telecommunications for schools and low income areas could cost colleges big bucks.


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