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Science Funding Gets a Boost

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Obama administration's proposed 2011 budget would add $3.3 billion for scientific research, including an extra $1 billion for the NIH.

The Emerging Hispanic-Serving Institution

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More colleges and universities are nearing government's 25 percent threshold of Latino enrollment, above which they qualify for additional federal funds.

A Target for Tea Partiers

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As anti-tax sentiment simmers, community college officials worry that emerging groups will threaten their funding.

Crunch Time for 2-Year Colleges

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Advocates argue that time is of the essence for the American Graduation Initiative and officials need to withhold criticism to help get the bill passed.

Hope Amid Disappointment

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As $12 billion graduation initiative appears to slip away, community college leaders focus on the benefits of a year in the spotlight – and look to the future.

Health Care and Higher Ed

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What the new legislation means for students, campus health centers and medical schools.

Hispanic-Serving Grants?

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Federal grants specifically for colleges that serve significant numbers of Hispanic students do not require the recipients to show that the spending reaches Hispanic students or that it improves their academic outcomes – and a review of how the funds are used shows that many grantees do not even try to make that case.

Suggestions for the Summit

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WASHINGTON – Take note, Jill Biden: Community college leaders have a lot they want to talk about at the White House summit you plan to host this fall.

Pushback on Gainful Employment

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WASHINGTON – As the U.S. Department of Education prepares to finish revising regulations intended to weed out abuses of the federal financial aid system, for-profit higher education’s major advocacy group has chosen to push back.

Going Ahead With Gainful Employment

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WASHINGTON -- A long recession and a wavering job market have brought for-profit higher education institutions into the public eye as never before. Big advertising budgets have given them name recognition. Dramatic enrollment growth (fueled by increasing amounts of federal financial aid) and assurances to students that a degree or certificate is the path to a comfortable job in a specific field have brought them scrutiny.


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