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House committee draws criticism again for proposed cuts to social sciences

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Bill to set spending targets for science agencies has modest overall increases, but cuts for social sciences and energy research.

Budget proposal includes increase in research funding

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President Obama's 2016 budget proposal includes nearly across-the-board increases for research, with heavy focus on biomedical sciences, climate change, advanced manufacturing and STEM education.

House passes NSF funding bill that takes slap at social sciences

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U.S. House passes funding bill that would increase overall support for NSF, but send a message of disdain for some social science research.

Higher education braces for a government shutdown and more fiscal fights

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Higher education likely to feel only mild effects from possible government shutdown next week, but advocates for colleges are bracing for larger funding battles.

As effects of sequester take effect, scientists worry about future of research

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Across-the-board spending cuts are prompting scientists across the country to lay off staff, close laboratories and scramble for other sources of funding. Another round of reductions is slated to take effect in the coming fiscal year. 

Lawmaker blasts colleague over perceived intrusion into social science funding

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One U.S. representative blasts her colleague for questioning the wisdom of specific National Science Foundation grants, warning of unprecedented "political intrusion."

NRC report calls for greater investment and improved efficiency for research universities

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U.S. research universities' global dominance will be threatened in coming years unless governments invest more and universities become more efficient and better educate under-represented groups, according to new National Research Council report.

Senate bill hopes to speed up technology licensing process

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Commercialization offices are fighting a Kauffman proposal that would let researchers take potential commercial ideas to any technology transfer partner, not just their home institution.

Budget compromise would preserve maximum Pell grant, NIH funding

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A budget compromise would slightly increase funding for the National Institutes of Health and change eligibility for the largest federal grant program for college students.

Essay on the need for academics to establish close ties to program officers

Russ Olwell writes that academics working on grants -- proposed or awarded -- need to remember what they tell students about how there are no dumb questions.


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