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Budget compromise would preserve maximum Pell grant, NIH funding

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A budget compromise would slightly increase funding for the National Institutes of Health and change eligibility for the largest federal grant program for college students.

HHS nominee Tom Price opposes embryonic stem cell research

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Views held by Tom Price, Trump’s pick for health secretary, would put him at odds with many scientists, but academic groups say he appreciates medical education and value of research.

Why are some countries better at science and technology?

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Author asks why some countries are better than others at science and technology.

Essay on the need for academics to establish close ties to program officers

Russ Olwell writes that academics working on grants -- proposed or awarded -- need to remember what they tell students about how there are no dumb questions.


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Study documents the impact of federal research support

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Study finds that, in chemistry, institutions that receive more federal support produce more papers and receive more citations.

Senate panel OKs NIH funding boost, increase to Pell Grant

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National Institutes of Health would see increase of more than 4 percent next year under a Senate budget measure drafted Tuesday. The maximum Pell award would also grow.

New book on STEM workforce needs and international competitiveness finds no evidence of crisis

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A new book challenges the conventional notion that the U.S. is producing too few science and engineering graduates to meet its workforce needs and remain globally competitive. 

Budget negotiators reach deal that would increase NIH spending, Pell Grant award

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Congressional negotiators reach agreement to boost spending on NIH and student aid, though deal does not restore all of the sequester cuts.

Budget deal expected to alleviate automatic cuts to scientific research

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Advocates for higher education say Tuesday's accord would largely alleviate cuts to research funding and campus-based student aid programs.

House withdraws vote on 'science laureate' amid conservative objections

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A bipartisan effort to create a national position of "science laureate" stalls after criticism from a conservative group.


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