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'Science and the University'

The importance of science to the American university extends well beyond research or teaching. As a new collection of essays demonstrates, science is central to the economics of the modern research university, the mission of universities (as seen by those who run them and politicians), and the make-up of the academic workforce.

The Possible New Pell Grant: $4,925

Congressional compromise would lift maximum grant by $125 more than $490 rise approved in budget act; NIH would receive $30 billion. Bush veto likely.

Threat Seen to Oral History

Scholars and association protest government plan to expand power of campus boards that monitor research on human subjects.

Coping With the Crunch

Facing unexpected budget shortfalls, federal physics labs across the country are cutting back operations and hoping for a break in the next funding cycle.

Bush on Earmarks: Tough Words, Little Meaning

In last State of the Union, president takes two steps to limit lawmakers' pet projects for colleges and other recipients -- starting next year.

'Unreal' Boost for Science?

President Bush's proposed budget for basic research and development in the 2009 fiscal year seeks a record $147 billion, a 3 percent increase over 2008 that would elevate the physical sciences and engineering, in particular, while keeping funding for the National Institutes of Health flat and scaling back or cutting other domestic programs, including for financial aid.

Any Advice About Visas?

U.S. House members seek ideas on how to better help foreign students and scholars get into the U.S.

Another Source for R

Advocates for more federal spending on basic research discovered a pleasant surprise in the 2009 budget proposal: a boost from the Department of Defense.

More Aggressive Guidance on Conflicts of Interest

2 groups urge universities that engage in biomedical research to adopt policies on institutional conflicts within two years and toughen standards on individual financial interests.

Clarion Call for More NIH Funding

Six research universities and a teaching hospital warn of a "broken pipeline" for young researchers in the biomedical sciences.


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