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Shielding Education and Research

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In State of the Union, President Obama vows to protect many programs important to colleges from 5-year freeze on federal spending.

Could Be Worse

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As House leaders propose cuts in 2011 spending, programs important to colleges and students would fare comparatively well (so far).

'Tough Love' Budget for Science

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WASHINGTON -- Federal money for science research would continue flowing next year under President Obama's spending plan for 2012, which was released Monday.

Updating the Common Rule

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Proposal to revise much-criticized U.S. regulations governing human research subjects could ease problems for social scientists, but also apply rules to all studies at universities that receive any federal funds.

The Academic Pork Barrel, 2010

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Colleges and other higher education organizations received nearly $2 billion in earmarks directed by individual members of Congress, our analysis shows.


The Need to 'Do Even More'

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Paying for the Research Juggernaut

John V. Lombardi
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Research Spending Is Up

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Expenditures on funds for research at universities topped $40 billion in 2003, double the level of 1993.


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