Science policy

A Bigger Role for Uncle Sam?

At a Senate session on preparing workers, college and company leaders weigh a stronger federal role in higher education.

House Endorses Expanded U.S. Research on Stem Cells

The vote defies Bush, but margin is insufficient to withstand a promised veto.

Congress Acts on Budgets for Humanities and Science Programs

House committee backs increases for NSF and NASA; Senate panel sets level funds for NEH and NEA.

'Science Under Siege'

Throughout the Bush administration, the president's policies have been criticized by many scientists. On Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties Union issued a new and harsh analysis of those policies.

Blacklisted Professors

What's it like to have your projects singled out to lose money in a U.S. House vote? Two researchers explain what their work is really about.

Training Tomorrow's Doctors, For Now

Growing up in a moderate income area near San Diego, Arnold Cuenca had an interest in and aptitude for science in high school. But as he contemplated potential careers, he, like most of his peers, was encouraged to enter the military or take a job right out of high school -- paths most of his peers chose. His mom was a nurse, though, and that got him thinking about being a doctor.

"Other than my mom, I had nothing to encourage me to become a health professional -- I didn't know what medicine was," says Cuenca.

Badges and Segregation

Pentagon's proposed rules for foreign researchers working on certain contracts anger universities.

Women, Minorities and the Sciences

Study finds National Science Foundation programs have made a difference, but urges focus on community colleges.

U.S. Funds for Science Rose 9% in 2003

NIH doubling effort drove increase; Hopkins leads top 20 again, NSF finds.

The Future of Higher Ed

U.S. education secretary forms panel to craft "national strategy" for America's college system.


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