Science policy

Familiar Sounding Budget Cuts

Republican plan to offset Katrina spending suggests ending federal backing of grad student loans, NEH and AmeriCorps.

Shallower Pockets

With research revenues and donations down, Case Western Reserve came up a little short.

More Money for Science Education

Senate amends Pentagon spending bill to bolster scholarship and fellowships for training in key fields.

Delivering on the Promise of Digital Data

The technology has transformed research, but U.S. needs more coordinated policy, report says.

Math and Science Brain Drain?

U.S. spends billions to educate growing number of students in technical fields, but problems remain, study finds.

Higher Ed Commission Gets to Work

A "fascinating" discussion ensues, but diverse viewpoints may make crafting cohesive national strategy a challenge.

Another Attack on Evolution

Berkeley sued over Web site created by professors to help high school teachers.

Basic Research and National Security

A new report warns that declining funds for physics and engineering puts more than the U.S.'s economic status at risk.

House Rejects Education Budget Bill

22 Republicans vote with Democrats on measure that college groups staunchly opposed, but alternatives  are unpleasant.

U.S. Support for Science Softens

Federal obligations for research appear to flatten in 2005, NSF study finds.


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