Science policy

Seeking Big Bucks for Science Education

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Senators introduce plan to spend $9 billion to improve competitiveness.

The Post-Sputnik Era, Redux

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Bolstering U.S. competitiveness is not just the government's job, research university group says in new report.

The President Discovers Science

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In State of the Union address, Bush proposes doubling spending on basic research in physical sciences over a decade.

After the State of the Union

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Colleges applaud Bush effort to boost basic research, but await details on which agencies will gain -- and which might lose.

Keeping His Word on Science

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President’s R&D budget boosts NSF and energy research, but NIH and other agencies tread water.

Cut Off and Quickly Restored

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Federal agency suspends funds for a controversial logging study, citing concerns over lobbying, then reverses itself.

Sex and the Single Scientist

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Gathering to discuss bills to promote competitiveness, House members end up talking about dating and culture.

Seeking the Middle Ground in Hawaii

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President recommends that U. of Hawaii create controversial Navy research center, but bar classified work.

Undercutting the Openness Message

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Treatment of prominent Indian scientist in visa process seen as damaging U.S. progress in attracting foreign researchers.

Quality vs. Quantity in Engineering

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Some experts fear debate over emerging technology workforce in Asia is based on poor analysis -- and may discourage American students.


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