Science policy

Upturn for Science Doctorates

American universities award more Ph.D.'s, over all and in technical fields, for second year in a row.

Uncle Sam Wants to Know Your Working Hours

Proposed federal guidelines urge universities to better document when researchers are doing NIH-sponsored studies.

New Leader for University Group

Robert Berdahl -- who led UC-Berkeley and UT-Austin -- will move into Washington role at Association of American Universities.

Aid and Appeals on Foreign Languages

At presidents' summit, Bush administration officials propose Fulbright expansion and ask colleges for help.

Research Freedom v. National Security

A government sponsored committee discusses biological studies after  9/11.

Federal Flu for Health Professions Education

Congress slashes funds for programs aimed at training doctors in geriatrics and other fields and diversifying work force.

IRB 'Shopping' Not a Problem, FDA Concludes

It's not often that the federal government (or company or university or other large organization, for that matter) says openly: Never mind. We were wrong.

Seeking Big Bucks for Science Education

Senators introduce plan to spend $9 billion to improve competitiveness.

The Post-Sputnik Era, Redux

Bolstering U.S. competitiveness is not just the government's job, research university group says in new report.

The President Discovers Science

In State of the Union address, Bush proposes doubling spending on basic research in physical sciences over a decade.


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