Science policy

Cut Off and Quickly Restored

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Federal agency suspends funds for a controversial logging study, citing concerns over lobbying, then reverses itself.

Sex and the Single Scientist

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Gathering to discuss bills to promote competitiveness, House members end up talking about dating and culture.

Seeking the Middle Ground in Hawaii

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President recommends that U. of Hawaii create controversial Navy research center, but bar classified work.

Undercutting the Openness Message

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Treatment of prominent Indian scientist in visa process seen as damaging U.S. progress in attracting foreign researchers.

Quality vs. Quantity in Engineering

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Some experts fear debate over emerging technology workforce in Asia is based on poor analysis -- and may discourage American students.

Slapped by the Supremes

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Unanimous court ruling in Pentagon case means colleges must grant full access to military recruiters or lose funds.

Senate Ups the Ante

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Budget blueprint offers more money for Education Department and NIH than President Bush proposed.

Staying the Science Course

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Academics tell lawmakers that quality of undergraduate teaching is crucial to the pipeline.

Federal Inquiry on Women in Science

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Education Department plans review of whether colleges' treatment of female students and faculty members violates Title IX.

The Real Science Ethics Issues

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Experts say that the headline-grabbing scandals may distract attention from potentially more damaging, accepted practices.


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