Science policy

Federal Inquiry on Women in Science

Education Department plans review of whether colleges' treatment of female students and faculty members violates Title IX.

The Real Science Ethics Issues

Experts say that the headline-grabbing scandals may distract attention from potentially more damaging, accepted practices.

Senatorial Peer Review

Lawmakers tell NSF what it should and shouldn't fund -- and question some grants (without bothering to talk to the researchers involved).

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Movement grows in Congress to use prizes to push scientists to focus on key topics.

Change in Climate for Stem Cells?

Senators and scientists see improved prospects for legislation making more federal funds available for the research.

Science Bill Advances

Senate committee clears bill to increase NSF support in selected areas, create new graduate fellowships and encourage "high risk" studies.

Marginal Forward Progress

House actions favor colleges on some appropriations matters, but gains are small and are far from final.

Bipartisan Backing for Science

The House Science Committee wants NSF's footprint on science education to increase.

Yes, the Sky Is Falling

Political and financial support for American higher education is waning compared to global competitors, researcher argues.

The Disappearing Chinese Engineers

Influential report on the U.S. science crisis changes its numbers.


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