Science policy

Competitiveness Initiative Advances

House panel backs full spending on Bush effort to double federal support for basic research in physical sciences.

A Push for Public Health

Impending retirements at time of cascading crises prompt expansion in college programs in the field.

One House Down ...

The House passed funding for the American Competitiveness Initiative; now on to the Senate.

Excommunication Fears Overstated

Stem-cell researchers say Vatican statements aren't leading to religious purges or change in scientific agenda.

End of a Golden Era

After dream of doubled NIH budget, institutions awaken to lean budgets; grant renewal rejections stun many researchers.

Secrets Not Shared?

U.S. investigates professor’s research activities, raising issues of academic freedom, xenophobia and foreign relations.

The Senate's Science Bill

The Senate Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations Subcommittee approved its spending bill for the 2007 fiscal year on Tuesday, which more money for basic science research as requested in President Bush’s American Competitiveness Initiative.

The subcommittee endorsed an 8 percent increase over the 2006 fiscal year for the National Science Foundation’s budget, which would bring the agency's total to $6 billion.

A Senate Go on Stem Cells

Lawmakers pass bill to get around limits imposed by President Bush, but he vows a veto.

Securing the Labs

Federal audit finds numerous lapses in the way universities deal with highly dangerous substances.

Scrutiny for Colleges on Earmarks

A senator wants to know how colleges lobby for government money.


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