A Call to Arts

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Amid signs students are paying more attention to culture when picking a college, institutions respond with ambitious plans.

Impediments to Art Exchange

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Scientists have grabbed the headlines, but some artists and art students may have visa woes of their own.

Penn State President Blocks Art Censorship

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Student's exhibit had been called off because his paintings criticizing Palestinian terrorists were viewed as offensive.

Student Performance Stirs Emotions

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Three students at a Seattle arts college cause a controversy with their clowning portrayal of the civil rights movement.

Ben Folds Goes Back to College

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Singer/pianist was high on wish list for student groups that booked concerts this spring.

A Meeting of Humanistic Minds

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Session on state of the humanities emphasizes solutions and humor over hand wringing.

Arts Education, Street Style

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For one DePaul professor, art is outside the box, and outside the classroom.

Fashion School Cat Fights

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"Project Runway" spawns envy among fashionistas amid all-time-high student interest in the industry.

Fraying of Academic Freedom

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Brigham Young places professor on leave over 9/11; Southern Maine shuts exhibit by man who killed police officer; and more incidents.

Going Borderless and Bilingual

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U. of Texas at El Paso's unique M.F.A. program expands into the online sector.


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