Embracing Tenure

At San Francisco Art Institute, a new president and a union jointly decide to adopt the practice. 

Censoring Art or Protecting Workers?

Center for gay students at U. of Michigan at Flint is ordered to remove hermaphrodite artwork.

Whose Artifact Is It?

3 university museums find themselves in international disputes over objects that have scholarly and political significance.

Taking Back 'My Hump'

“What you gon’ do with all that junk? All that junk inside that trunk?”

While the Black Eyed Peas’ answer to those questions involves getting “love drunk off my hump,” some professors at the Berklee College of Music, in Boston, offer up an entirely different response to the lyrics -- one aimed at helping their students understand the “commercialization of hip-hop” and the role students have in evolving the genre.

A Call to Arts

Amid signs students are paying more attention to culture when picking a college, institutions respond with ambitious plans.

Impediments to Art Exchange

Scientists have grabbed the headlines, but some artists and art students may have visa woes of their own.

Penn State President Blocks Art Censorship

Student's exhibit had been called off because his paintings criticizing Palestinian terrorists were viewed as offensive.

Student Performance Stirs Emotions

Three students at a Seattle arts college cause a controversy with their clowning portrayal of the civil rights movement.

Ben Folds Goes Back to College

Singer/pianist was high on wish list for student groups that booked concerts this spring.

A Meeting of Humanistic Minds

Session on state of the humanities emphasizes solutions and humor over hand wringing.


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