'Art School'

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What does it mean to be an art school today? How should art education regroup and evolve in response to changes in the art world, higher education, information technology, the art market and the broader economy -- and what should it mean to be an art school tomorrow?

Judge Blocks Sale of Art by Fisk

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Ruling finds that a college's dire financial condition does not justify disregard of a donor's intent.

'Is William Martinez Not Our Brother?'

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Service learning and civic engagement may be particularly hot motifs in higher ed these days, but the idea that students can learn a great deal through humanitarian works in their community is hardly new. To Buzz Alexander, who is Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan, such a notion might seem not only long-familiar, but even anemic, underdeveloped.

'Hide/Seek' (and Remove)

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Jonathan D. Katz's career as an art historian can be framed by controversies over federal support for art that offends some people -- and specifically about art dealing with gay people.

'Lessons From A Street-Wise Professor'

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Landing a job in today’s economy is tough for most college graduates. For those seeking a career in the fine arts, it’s even tougher.

In response to the changing landscape of professional music, which often requires that musicians work multiple jobs to make a living, some music schools are embedding entrepreneurship in their traditional curriculums in hopes of making their students more business-savvy.

Presidential Art Critic

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Should the leader of a college be ordering the removal of a painting in a faculty art show?

'Mural' and Art in Academe

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When he was growing up in Hawaii, Sean O'Harrow took art classes at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, and he would wander the galleries before or after his classes. One afternoon he might gaze at a Van Gogh. Another day, he would "visit China" by walking through galleries devoted to Chinese art.

Censorship or a Mirage?

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Pratt Institute rejects allegations that it tried to marginalize liberal-bashing student art.

Financial Aid Rock

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Higher ed administrators compose and perform songs about their work.

Museum Night

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Pomona expands uses of its gallery space, and students flock there.


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