Competency-based education gets a boost from the Education Department

The U.S. Education Department opens the door to more tests with competency-based education, which could help set a new regulatory framework. 

Fight over San Francisco's community college heats up again

As the clock ticks down on City College of San Francisco, powerful politicians weigh in and threaten to shut down an accrediting commission.

Senate Democrats join push for stronger gainful employment rules

Sen. Harkin joins consumer groups in call for stronger gainful employment rules, and the retiring senator points to other Democrats who will continue the fight.

House Committee Report Highlights Plight of Adjunct Professors

A new report on the impact of adjunct labor marks a new level of interest in Washington about the changing nature of the higher education workforce.

Lawmaker blasts colleague over perceived intrusion into social science funding

One U.S. representative blasts her colleague for questioning the wisdom of specific National Science Foundation grants, warning of unprecedented "political intrusion."

With 2 hearings, Congress takes first steps toward rewriting Higher Education Act

With concurrent hearings, Congress takes the first tentative steps toward reauthorizing the Higher Education Act.

Senate votes to defund political science research, save tuition assistance in budget bill

Senate votes to ban federal funding for most political science research and to restore tuition assistance to active-duty service members.

Dire predictions and uncertainty as sequester is set to take effect tonight

Mandatory budget cuts take effect at midnight tonight. While the specific effects of the cuts are still unclear, colleges warn they will be harmful.

Sequester would hit higher education programs hard

If mandatory spending cuts go into effect Jan. 1, many federal higher education programs will lose about 8 percent of their funding.

Senate bill hopes to speed up technology licensing process

Commercialization offices are fighting a Kauffman proposal that would let researchers take potential commercial ideas to any technology transfer partner, not just their home institution.


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