Rare Budget Win for Colleges

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Senate backs $7 billion increase in funds available for education and health spending -- mainly to undo previous cuts.

Homecoming on Capitol Hill

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2 former House aides, including top Bush administration official, to return to lead education committee staff.

Fleshing Out the New Financial Aid Programs

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Education Department defines what students must do to qualify for Academic Competitiveness and SMART Grants.

Senatorial Peer Review

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Lawmakers tell NSF what it should and shouldn't fund -- and question some grants (without bothering to talk to the researchers involved).

Colleges Wait for the Next Tax Bill

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Legislation Congress prepares to pass is stripped of provisions that could help -- and hurt -- higher education.

Free For All

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With expanded federal funding for embryonic stem cell research off the table, institutions are finding their own way.

Too Much Sharing About File Sharing

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Lawmakers insist that federal study of colleges' policies on illegal music downloading examine practices on individual campuses.

College Groups Shun 'Sunset' Proposals

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The game begins every February. The president unveils a budget plan that recommends killing a certain number of federal programs. Advocates for the programs raise bloody hell, promoting the programs' strengths and challenging the administration's arguments about the perceived weaknesses. And in almost every case, Congress backs the programs and gives them money to operate another year. Then the cycle starts anew the following February.

Grants Given, and Taken Away

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150 students at Utah State awarded, then stripped of federal aid -- proof of confusing new U.S. rules, college lobbyists say.

U. of Phoenix Loses in U.S. Court

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Appeals panel clears way for lawsuit charging for-profit university with defrauding government of billions.


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