College Groups Shun 'Sunset' Proposals

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The game begins every February. The president unveils a budget plan that recommends killing a certain number of federal programs. Advocates for the programs raise bloody hell, promoting the programs' strengths and challenging the administration's arguments about the perceived weaknesses. And in almost every case, Congress backs the programs and gives them money to operate another year. Then the cycle starts anew the following February.

Grants Given, and Taken Away

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150 students at Utah State awarded, then stripped of federal aid -- proof of confusing new U.S. rules, college lobbyists say.

U. of Phoenix Loses in U.S. Court

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Appeals panel clears way for lawsuit charging for-profit university with defrauding government of billions.

Textbooks, Barriers and Aid Forms

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Federal advisory panel hears testimony on a range of topics relating to college access and affordability.

Higher Ed's Election Day Showdowns

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Three years after the University of Michigan won approval from the U.S. Supreme Court to use affirmative action (in some forms) in college admissions, voters in Michigan could strip the institution of the right to consider race when admitting students.

Colleges and the New Congress (Updated)

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Democrats expected to push hard for more aid for students -- but unlikely to ease up on higher education accountability.

Putting the 'Lame' in Lame Duck Session

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There is no shortage of higher education issues on Congress's agenda, chief among them renewal of the Higher Education Act, the law that governs most federal student aid and other college programs, and the possible extension of several higher education tax breaks.

But as lawmakers get back to business this week for what little remains of the 109th Congress, it seems increasingly likely that they will do as little as possible, focusing almost exclusively on the spending bills needed to keep the federal government operating.

IPEDS on Steroids

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With "unit records" database in doubt, Education Department explores huge expansion of core system for tracking colleges and students.

Tuition Tax Break Extended

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109th Congress's final bill renews tax deduction for college expenses through 2007.

An Outline with Few Details

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Incoming chair of House education committee addresses -- quite generally -- higher ed issues for the year ahead.


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