Democrats Plan Evolves (and Narrows)

Student loan interest rate cut to be early steps of new Congress -- but will apply only to subsidized loans for undergrads.

Digging Deeper Into Lender Profits

Congressional Democrats plan additional cuts to lender subsidies to pay for proposed reduction in student loan interest rate.

Change in Direction for Career Colleges

In new leader, lobbying group for for-profit institutions likely to choose someone who can work well with nonprofit sector.

Political Maneuvering on Student Loans

On eve of vote to cut interest rate, a role reversal: Republicans critique and Democrats defend bill.

A Bill from FEMA

Some students displaced by Katrina are being asked to return portions of their disaster relief money.  

Rancorous House Backs Student Loan Bill

Lawmakers vote overwhelmingly to cut interest rate in half by 2011, but Republicans and Democrats spar over tactics and history. 

The House's New Face on Higher Ed

When Democrats won control of Congress in November, the change promised the return to power of some familiar names to many college leaders, including Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, the once and current chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, and Rep. George Miller of California, who has been a visible and vocal presence as the top Democrat on the House of Representatives higher education subcommittee throughout this decade and now heads the full Education and Labor Committee.

Scattered Thoughts on Student Aid

Senate hearing on paying for college offers many ideas but little coherence.

Open Up, Mr. President!

New bill would nullify Bush's 2001 restrictions on the release of presidential documents.

Pork Spending Drops Drastically

Watchdog group says this year's dip in Congressional earmarks, a controversial funding source for research initiatives, was a fluke.


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