Senate and Spellings: Showdown Looms

Letter from lawmakers urges education secretary not to propose changes in U.S. rules governing accreditation.

'Tight' Bill, Modest Gains

Less than two weeks after the House Appropriations subcommittee for education programs delivered a major potential boost to the maximum Pell Grant and the National Institutes of Health, the mirroring Senate panel delivered significantly less in its own 2008 spending bill Tuesday.

Students' Gain, Lenders' Pain

Looking around the crowded Senate hearing room Wednesday, it was relatively easy, at first glance, to sort out the winners and losers as the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions approved a package of legislation to renew the Higher Education Act.

Out of Africa (to American Colleges?)

Congressional hearing on attracting international students urges shift in focus to developing continents and countries.

Bush Threatens Veto of Student Aid Bill

As House Democrats unveil new version of budget measure, White House opposes interest rate cut, new spending and loan auction idea.

Raucous House Passes Student Aid Bill

Measure would bolster Pell Grants and cut interest rates by cutting lender subsidies gains; questions raised about Sallie Mae deal.

Higher Ed Is in the House

Congress takes up key bills for colleges and students, with action on student aid legislation looming in Senate.

Dubious Approach to Cost Containment

Proposals to punish colleges based on rate of tuition increase will hurt public colleges and spare many pricey institutions, study finds.

A New Tack for the DREAM Act

Advocates hope that measure to help undocumented students, cast aside when immigration bill died, may have another path to passage.

Possible Reprieve for Lenders

As Senate takes up massive student aid bill, close vote is expected on amendment that would ease cuts in subsidies for loan companies.


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