Warning From a Friend

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Lamar Alexander is among higher education's most avid supporters in Congress. But he had tough words for them Wednesday.

The 5% Non-Solution

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Proposal to require elite colleges to spend a minimum proportion of their endowments gets cool reception at Washington forum -- including from a surprising source.

The Feds Giveth, and Taketh Away

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Bush's 2009 budget plan would lift maximum Pell Grant to $4,800, kill other aid programs -- and slash funds for minority-serving colleges that gained in last fall's budget measure.

Call to Arms for Private Colleges

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In an address to fellow presidents about the future of higher education, MIT's leader says "our story isn’t well understood by Congress or the public."

Best You Can Be Without a Degree

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While senators weigh bill to hugely boost GI Bill, the Pentagon, concerned that better benefits could hurt reenlistment, backs Bush plan for another kind of enhancement.

The 'Other' Transfer of Credit Problem

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As higher education issues go, "transfer of credit" is about as mundane and arcane as you can get. It's roll-your-sleeves-up-and-get-your-hands-dirty type work, involving transcripts and course numbers and modes of delivery and degree audits and other nuts and bolts details of the college admissions and registration process.

Business as Usual on Earmarks

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All 3 remaining presidential candidates back a moratorium, but many colleges still view such directed spending as legitimate.

Where No Researcher Wants to Be

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U.S. senator singles out U. of Cincinnati psychiatrist as symbol of what's wrong with corporate entanglements in biomedical science.

Maintain State Spending. Or Else.

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Policy makers lobby against a Higher Education Act provision that would withhold some federal funds from states that don't sustain college appropriations.

Scrutiny From Many Sides

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Discussion of nonprofit tax issues suggests that IRS, Congress and others plan busy season of review of colleges' spending and governance practices.


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