Dare to DREAM... in 2009?

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A College Board report draws attention to the limited options of undocumented students and advocates for passage of DREAM Act. Will this be the year?

How to Pay for Student Health Care

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With Obama plan attracting attention in Washington, campus health officials and state politicians consider merits of billing insurance companies or billing students -- or both.

Building Up Job Training

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Community colleges await details of major Obama plan, expecting Workforce Investment Act to be vehicle.

Federal Cooperation

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Education and Labor Departments, often at odds with one another, assure Senate subcommittee of their willingness to work together on reform of Workforce Investment Act.

The View From the States

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Leaders of public higher ed systems cheer federal backing of college completion agenda, but acknowledge potential chasm between rhetoric and getting the job done.

Aid Bill Moves, Amid Misgivings

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House panel approves sweeping changes in college grant and loan programs, despite objections of Republicans and significant discomfort of most college groups.

Fending Off Attacks on Social Science

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House rejects attempts to bar NSF grants whose titles were mocked by Republican lawmakers.

You Already Got Yours

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In drafting 2010 spending bill for education and health programs, U.S. Senate panel de-emphasizes priorities (such as Pell Grants and biomedical research) that fared well in economic stimulus measure.

Big Shoes to Fill

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Death of Edward M. Kennedy leaves gaping hole in federal higher education policy arena. In today's political environment, can anyone else step in? And if so, who?

House Passes Student Aid Bill

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Legislation to reshape loan programs and bolster Pell Grants and community colleges passes along partisan lines. Now focus shifts to the Senate.


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