Online Colleges as a Policy Bloc?

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With tension of for-profit scrutiny in the air, leaders of online institutions convene in Washington to fret over state, federal oversight.

Switching Sectors

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Several major for-profit colleges make senior hires of officials with long histories in nonprofit higher education.

For-Profit Lobbying Escalates

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Since start of 2010, quarterly disclosures show federal lobbying expenditures on behalf of the sector have nearly doubled -- from $1.3 million to close to $2.6 million.

Higher Ed in the Next Congress

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With Republicans likely to gain the majority in one or both chambers today, colleges face a future of funding cuts, pressure for greater accountability.

No Curveballs for Higher Ed

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Congressional races shake out much as expected, with Republicans winning House majority and a handful of Democrats on education panel hanging on in the Senate.

Congressional Chaos?

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A coherent agenda on higher ed policy has yet to emerge for the new Congress.

Washington Wrapup: Budget and Bishop

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In year-end rush, Congress weighs budget that would close Pell shortfall; House passes DREAM Act; 36 days after election, a higher ed champion formally retains House seat.

Gunfight at the For-Profit Corral

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Under attack itself for corrections made to earlier report, Senate committee releases critique of flow of military and GI Bill money to for-profit colleges.

Off Campus

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Report assesses university-community partnerships' potential for narrowing economics and education gaps.

Picking on Social Science

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House Republicans invite scrutiny of federal funding for social and behavioral sciences. Is anyone biting?


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