Showdown in the Offing

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Key House Republican vows legislation to stop "gainful employment" rules. Could such a measure pass?

Charge of Illegal Lobbying Rejected

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Dismissing Republican assertions, inspector general concludes that top Education Department officials did not violate law in urging college officials to support student loan overhaul.

Gunning for the GAO

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Report from for-profit college lobbyist aims to undermine agency's much-publicized critique of the sector.

The House's New Higher Ed Leader

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WASHINGTON -- Given the state of the U.S. economy and the promises of Republican lawmakers to cut the deficit, much if not most of the Congressional activity surrounding higher education in the 112th Congress is likely to unfold in the House and Senate committees that set federal spending and overall budget and tax policies. But to the extent that the education committee in the House of Representatives weighs in on issues affecting colleges and universities, a face unfamiliar to many in higher education will have a large say.

For-Profit Colleges Open Another Front

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Amid publicity blitz and vows of legislative intervention, the sector's primary trade group sues Education Department to block new rules. Suit faces uphill climb.

Shielding Education and Research

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In State of the Union, President Obama vows to protect many programs important to colleges from 5-year freeze on federal spending.

Washington Wrapup

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Leading Democrat blasts for-profit colleges; U.S. affirms $5,500 maximum Pell Grant; no earmarks in 2011 and 2012.

Spending Showdown

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House Republicans would slash deeply into programs for colleges and students, while President Obama would cut surgically from higher ed.

The Changed Landscape

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House budget legislation, which would cut Pell Grants and restrict regulation of for-profit colleges, shows how federal political environment has shifted.

Rules Relief

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School and college officials plead with U.S. lawmakers to streamline regulations that are redundant and burdensome, and to ensure that the rules contribute to institutional and student improvement.


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