Washington Wrapup

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Leading Democrat blasts for-profit colleges; U.S. affirms $5,500 maximum Pell Grant; no earmarks in 2011 and 2012.

Spending Showdown

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House Republicans would slash deeply into programs for colleges and students, while President Obama would cut surgically from higher ed.

The Changed Landscape

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House budget legislation, which would cut Pell Grants and restrict regulation of for-profit colleges, shows how federal political environment has shifted.

Rules Relief

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School and college officials plead with U.S. lawmakers to streamline regulations that are redundant and burdensome, and to ensure that the rules contribute to institutional and student improvement.

Educators See Federal Overreach

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Discussion of forthcoming federal definition of "credit hour" and expanding state authorization requirements shows lawmakers on both sides of aisle share worry about too much regulation.

Ganging Up On 'Gainful Employment'

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WASHINGTON — A surprisingly bipartisan House of Representatives approved an amendment to the continuing budget resolution last month that would block the Education Department from carrying out its proposed regulation requiring that for-profit colleges and other vocational programs ensure that their students are prepared for “gainful employment.” Since t

More Peril for Pell

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As Congressional Republicans lay out plan to slash trillions from the budget deficit in 2012 and beyond, need-based aid and research spending could face cuts.

Maximum Pell Safe For Now

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In the last-minute 2011 budget compromise, lawmakers sustain maximum Pell of $5,550, but cut summer grants. Attention now turns to 2012.

Big Cuts to International Programs

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Programs that pay for study of strategic languages and regions could be cut by as much as 40 percent. Advocates fear the new budget is a "game changer" going forward to 2012.

As the Regulatory World Spins

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Education Dept. signals start of new round of rule making as it aims to put the finishing touches on another.


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