Opportunity Nation and senators push for close ties between colleges and employers

Two senators and the nonprofit Opportunity Nation want federal job training programs to be more efficient and performance-based, while also seeing expanded role for community colleges.

Senate said to be near compromise on interest rates

With days to go until the interest rate doubles for federally subsidized Stafford loans, Senate is said to be near a deal that would lower rates for undergraduate borrowers in the short term.

House panel votes on student loan interest rates, transparency study

As Congressional Democrats argue in favor of extending the current interest rate on subsidized student loans, House Republicans in committee back a bill that would overhaul how those rates are determined.

Gainful employment's future uncertain after court ruling

Gainful employment takes another hit in court, jeopardizing a possible appeal and raising questions about federal collection of data on higher education.

House holds hearing on student loan interest rates

With the interest rate for subsidized loans set to double July 1, House hearing focuses on the broader future of the federal loan program.

Foxx criticizes private college leaders for not defending for-profit colleges

Representative Virginia Foxx uses allusion to the Holocaust to criticize private college presidents for not defending for-profit institutions against regulations.

House of Representatives holds hearing on unionization on campus

A Congressional committee argues over whether graduate students at private universities should be allowed to unionize.

Senate committee examines efficacy of education tax breaks

A Senate panel asks what could be done to simplify federal education tax benefits, should a larger overhaul of the tax code take place.

Duncan testifies on proposed 2013 education budget

Testifying before Congress on the administration's budget proposals, the education secretary fends off bipartisan questioning about new higher education programs.

Higher education proposals in 2013 Republican budget

A proposal announced Tuesday would cut Pell Grants and make student loans appear more costly on federal balance sheets.


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