Distance education

Scrutiny for Transfer Program

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Indiana U. takes close look at program to award degrees for 3 years of community college work and 1 year of online courses.

Black Colleges Expand Distance Learning

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Increasing numbers of institutions -- especially public institutions -- offer programs, survey finds.

Brand Extension

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Joint program involving Cornell and Queen's -- far from their campuses -- reflects evolution of distance programs and value of M.B.A. market.

Surge in Distance Ed at Community Colleges

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Study finds increasing student demand, growth in online student services, and possible changes in course management systems.

Making Online Learning Mandatory

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Ohio community college wants students -- including those enrolled in on-campus study -- exposed to independent inquiry.

An Online Course in Ethics

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Two top officials of Florida International U.'s online education department resign amid conflict of interest investigation.

Shaking Up the Market

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Pearson plans to buy eCollege, possibly upping competition for Blackboard and shifting direction of course management industry.

College for Sale

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Purchase of Touro's distance education division reflects trend of for-profits buying nonprofits -- with goal of expanding online offerings.

Latest Twist in Distance Ed

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American University finds that its students, away between academic years, are flocking to its online summer offerings.

'New York Times' Enters Distance Learning Market

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The New York Times on Thursday announced a major push into higher education -- with new efforts to provide distance education, course content and social networking. A number of colleges are already either committed to using the new technologies or are in negotiations to start doing so, evidence of the strong power of the Times brand in academe.


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