Distance education

Faculty Removes a Union at Davenport

Full-time professors at Davenport University vote unanimously to end collective bargaining.

Pushing for Wireless

Higher education backs efforts by municipalities to provide Internet access to all.

Scarlet Letter

New law in Oregon will force people with unlicensed degrees to raise a red flag to potential employers.

Really Open Source

Rice U.'s Connexions, which lets professors from any campus share materials, tries to challenge traditional peer review and publishing.

College Withdraws Credits Awarded in Distance Education Scheme

Otterbein College withdraws thousands of bogus credits awarded to hundreds of Florida teachers in scheme approved by associate dean.

Outsourced Grading

Kentucky community colleges experiment with having outside company evaluate students' essays in freshman composition.

Easing the Copyright Challenge

Permissions center partners with Blackboard to help professors gain approval as they build their online courses.

Blackboard, WebCT to Merge

Combination of 2 leading e-learning platforms will dominate market, but some college officials fret about impact.

Blackboard vs....

In buying WebCT, did course-management giant vanquish competition, or is open source the real competition?

Beyond 'Toys, Travel and Food'

Institutionally, most colleges have, in one way or another, embraced the use of technology in how they educate their students. Four in five colleges and universities use some form of content management system, and educational technologists are no longer unusual creatures on their campuses.


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