Distance education

Geography Emerges in Distance Ed

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New study challenges conventional wisdom that where you live doesn't matter when you are enrolled online.

Open Courses Open Wider

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Announced last year, Yale's free online archive of full lectures -- complete with video and transcripts -- begins with seven popular courses.

We Get No Respect -- Well, Maybe a Little

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As providers of online education bemoan continued skepticism about their programs, they find some good news in survey of employers' attitudes.

Virtual Path to Diversity

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Despite reports of "digital divide," some colleges report notable progress in attracting minority students through online programs.

Getting Them In, Getting Them Back

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As state lawmakers look for ways to increase college access for rural students, some want to safeguard against graduates jumping to the nearest big city.

Distance Ed Continues Rapid Growth at Community Colleges

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While Blackboard dominates course-management market at 2-year colleges, more institutions are looking elsewhere.

A Look at Online Orientations

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With demand for online courses increasing, some two-year colleges seek ways to boost retention among distance learners.

Many Uses for 'New York Times' Distance Ed Venture

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Instead of sifting through existing texts to find case studies suitable for his course, Matt Cookson decided to go straight to the source. In his Introduction to Public Relations class, which he teaches as an adjunct at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester, he uses content pulled directly from online archives of The New York Times -- embedded within the course management system itself.

Unusual Model for an Online College

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Seeing potential niche, Tiffin U., a private institution in Ohio, starts two-year distance education college, hoping to build transfer market.

Academic Advising From Afar

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For employees at one university that specializes in education at a distance, responding to student requests is a balancing act.


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