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Younger people think they gain more knowledge from technology than from humans, study finds

New study finds young adults believe they learn more from technology than from fellow humans. Experts say such results reinforce need for greater classroom emphasis on how to use technology to pursue knowledge.

Experts react to ambitious National University plans for personalized learning

The California nonprofit is spending $20 million to create a platform blending several emergent innovations. Experts see promise but challenges, too.

Booklet and webcast available on online education

"New Directions in Online Education" is a compilation of articles and essays from Inside Higher Ed. The print-on-demand booklet can be downloaded here, free.

For-profit back in business, but legal dispute continues

As reported in Inside Higher Ed, the Obama administration shut down the Myhre family-owned Globe University, but an affiliated university bought four of its Wisconsin campuses with the backing of the Trump administration and a state regulator with a tough reputation on for-profits.

OER disrupting textbook marketplace

Denise Wydra says New York state’s pursuit of free and inexpensive course materials is changing the traditional textbook landscape in fundamental ways.

Experts react to Harvard-2U online certificate agreement

Online program management advocates applaud as Harvard and 2U work to create an online business analytics certificate program. Others worry about corporate encroachment on teaching and learning.

Georgia Tech plans extension of undergraduate online computer science course

University uses model from closely observed master’s in computer science on undergraduates for first time, finds notable success and sees path to shaving a year or more off in-person instruction.

Robin DeRosa's OER pedagogical endeavor

Until 2014, Robin DeRosa had never heard of open educational resources. Now she’s about to publish her second free open textbook.

Oklahoma City CC to Employ Blackboard Predict

Oklahoma City Community College announced it will collaborate with Blackboard to help close achievement gaps and increase the number of students who complete a certificate or degree. The college said in a statement that beginning in spring 2018, it will implement Blackboard Predict, a predictive analytics platform that analyzes student data and activities in online learning environments to provide educators and advisers with timely information to help students successfully complete courses.

Study: OPMs could hurt colleges' financial stability, student data

As reported in Inside Higher Ed, the Century Foundation, which describes itself as a "progressive, nonpartisan think tank" aimed at reducing inequality, released a report Monday warning about public and private institutions' arrangements with online program management companies -- and the risk they might pose to the nature of public higher education.


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