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Oregon State Ecampus's 3-D virtual microscope closely replicates real McCoy

A 3-D virtual microscope developed by Oregon State Ecampus closely replicates the real thing -- and could be a harbinger of innovation in online science courses.

Campus IT leaders survey reveals low usage of teaching and learning technologies

 National Survey of Computing, eLearning and Information Technology.


The survey of IT leaders, conducted by the Campus Computing Project, found that many see only modest benefits from IT investments, and generally low satisfaction with many IT services on campus.

The survey, with responses from 199 public and private institutions across the U.S., asked chief information officers to reflect on computing efforts on their campus.

U of Nebraska Signs Deal With iDesign for Online Courses

The University of Nebraska announced a deal with iDesign for the development of key online courses to increase the university's total online offerings. Instructional designers from iDesign will work in partnership with Nebraska faculty and staff to maximize student learning in these courses, according to a statement from iDesign.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Teaching about inequality and oppression in online courses

One of the most useful practices is to establish netiquette guidelines, which are indispensable for teaching about inequality and oppression, writes Abby L. Ferber.

Tech Firms Struggle With Student Data Use Issues

As reported by Inside Higher Ed, tech companies are collecting an enormous amount of data from universities and colleges, but even big players like Microsoft seem unsure how best to harness the potential of this assembled information, said speakers at a session at Educause's annual meeting in Philadelphia.

Creating effective instructional videos for online courses

Salena Rabidoux and Amy Rottmann provide instructors easy-to-follow tips and techniques for developing evergreen videos that engage students.

UC San Diego, Kentucky Sign Deals With SAP for Analytics Software

The University of California, San Diego, and the University of Kentucky have signed agreements with SAP to implement the company's Student Activity Hub, which SAP says provides real-time analytics about learners' academic activities and student success metrics.

Addressing the New Majority: Modern Approaches for Nontraditional Students

Tue, 11/14/2017


Denver , Colorado
United States

Ilumno to Offer Online MIT Courses in Latin America

Ilumno, a technology company that supports higher education institutions in Latin America, announced it signed an agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that make it possible for students and alumni from 16 Ilumno universities to take MIT courses that have been tailored to meet the needs of Latin America's labor market. The courses, to be taught in Portuguese and Spanish, will be offered fully online with technology provided by Ilumno and with support from MIT teaching assistants, officials said in a statement.

Excelsior online students sue over fees, lost time and wages

A lawsuit filed against Excelsior College alleges the institution defrauded nursing students of thousands of dollars and made it difficult for them to graduate.


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