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Gov. Brown proposes online-only California college

As reported in Inside Higher Ed, Despite having 114 campuses in California, Governor Jerry Brown wants the state’s community college system to explore expanding its programs through a new online-only college. California’s move to try to reach more students with an online-only alternative could boost enrollment statewide.

States should make OER a priority

Lorraine Haricombe says states need to follow New York's lead and advance OER initiatives. 

Professors: time to reconsider reliance on anti-plagiarism tool

Turnitin has received its share of complaints regarding its accuracy, although it remains the standard bearer for plagiarism detection. Likewise, some writing professors have long said they fear reliance on the service has led colleges to abandon efforts to teach students about academic integrity.

Colleges offer online summer courses for residential students

Colleges find their own residential students are good targets for distance learning this time of year, with education and financial payoffs.

Google Classroom not in the college classroom

Using the Classroom platform, instructors can post announcements, share documents, create self-grading assessments and more. But it's no substitute for the LMS. 

CAEL tool measures support of adult students

The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) has launched a tool that allows colleges and universities to measure their support of their adult students. Adult Learner 360 compares the institutions' effectiveness against adult students’ perceptions using two surveys: one that captures the importance and effectiveness of the institutions' activities, policies and practices, and one that measures the satisfaction of the adult learners.

CIC consortium offers way for small colleges to develop online courses

Liberal arts colleges see joint online courses as providing breadth of offerings that may be financially impossible with traditional instruction.


Selecting an online exam proctoring service

Kelvin Bentley provides the questions to ask for finding the right partner for your institution.

Colleges employ tech and partners to recruit stopped-out students

Employing a variety of technologies and company partners, colleges are broadening strategies to woo back former students who never got degrees.

Online learning not working

Jing Liu questions the effectiveness of distance education, but says coupled with the development of learning science, it can do better.


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