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Educational games expand classroom learning

Educational video games offer active learning that some instructors say is hard to replicate in a traditional classroom.

Georgia State improves student outcomes with data

Georgia State's extensive predictive analytics efforts are leading to better grades and student retention -- and more minorities graduating from STEM programs.

MOOCs test personalized online learning

Robert Ubell reports how massive open online courses are testing personalizing online learning through positive feedback to mistakes.

ACL Annual Conference: Advancing Higher Education Through Sustainable Collaborations

Wed, 10/18/2017 to Fri, 10/20/2017


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OpenStax Pairs Course Content and Learning Platform

As reported in Inside Higher Ed, OpenStax, the free textbook publisher based at Rice University, is expanding beyond books.

The publisher on Monday launched Tutor Beta, an online learning platform. Initially available in three courses -- biology, physics and sociology -- this fall, OpenStax plans to expand it across all the subject areas in which it publishes content.

New Tech Service for Student Success Management

As reported in Inside Higher Ed, EAB, a research and technology services company, says the time is right for an enterprise-level “student success management system,” or SSMS. EAB has coined -- and trademarked -- the term SSMS, and said it intends to compete in a m

Minnesota Consortium Selects Ex Libris Alma and Primo Solutions

The MnPALS consortium of 60 Minnesota two- and four-year colleges and universities has selected the Ex Libris Alma library services platform and the Primo discovery and delivery solution.

U of Michigan tests automated text-analysis tool

As reported in Inside Higher Ed, high-enrollment courses often lead professors to assign multiple-choice quizzes, as more complicated forms of assessment dramatically increase the time they take to grade.

7 guidelines for effective teaching online

Four authors of books about online course development offer guidelines for engaging learners in distance education courses.

Texas System's chief innovation officer to become provost at Western Governors

After two decades at traditional universities experimenting with new approaches to learning, a leader in the field shifts to an institution with innovation at its core.


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