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SUNY Buffalo boosts graduation rates with 'Finish in 4' pledge

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The State University of New York at Buffalo has made big gains on its graduation rates, thanks in part to a "Finish in 4" pledge that features real commitments by students and the university alike.

Allowing devices in the classroom hurts academic performance, study finds

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Study by faculty members at West Point finds students perform better academically when laptops and tablets are banned from the classroom.

Scrutiny for U of Akron's decision to go with unproven student success company

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After eliminating dozens of student services jobs, the University of Akron hired a company with no higher ed footprint to provide "success coaching" to students, in large part because it cost less.

NSSE 2014 finds size, selectivity make little difference in student engagement

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New NSSE results question link between selectivity and student engagement, and suggest that colleges may need to focus more on student sleeping habits and academic advising.

New study assesses humanities' impact by credits earned, not majors declared

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New analysis shows that students earn more credits in the humanities than in STEM -- but that humanities majors and STEM majors rarely find themselves in the same classroom.

Students boycott final to challenge professor's grading policy (and get As)

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To test limits of Johns Hopkins professor's scaled grading policy, all of his students boycott the final -- and all get As as a result.

N.C. community college to issue grades, certificates for soft skills

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Community college in N.C. plans to evaluate "soft skills" and issue workplace readiness certificates for students who get passing marks.

Study documents value of college degree, even in this recession

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The economic value of graduating from college remains strong, even for recent graduates in the current economic downturn, study finds. And that reality may be spurring a rebound in male enrollments.

Conference considers the connection between liberal arts and careers

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Conference considers the question of whether institutions focused on a broad definition of learning can also embrace the idea of training students for the job market.

University builds 'course recommendation engine' to steer students toward completion

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Austin Peay University says its new automated advising engine can look at a student's proposed schedule and predict her semester GPA within two hundredths of a point.


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