Affirmative action/racial preferences

Upturn for Minority Students at Michigan

Preliminary admissions data suggest climbing black and Hispanic enrollments after changes wrought by Supreme Court ruling.

Demographic Dislocation

A new study documents huge changes that the loss of affirmative action would have at elite colleges -- for all but white students.

2 Years Later

The Supreme Court allowed affirmative action, but new report blasts Education Department for discouraging it.

Chicano Ph.D. Pipeline

To encourage more doctorates, report suggests that the first place to look may be community colleges.

New Chief for Mellon

Foundation selects University of Chicago's Don Randel to succeed William Bowen as its president.

Crash Course

Intensive summer program preps students from low-income L.A. high schools for top colleges -- and will track their progress.

Searching for Black Students

Florida universities see a decline in projections for the fall, but hope to bring numbers up by September.

First Generation Challenges

Students whose parents didn't go to college are at a disadvantage in every stage of higher education, study finds.

For Black Men Only

In new program at West Georgia, 25 African-American males will live in the same dormitory and take the same courses.

Half Empty or Half Full?

Report notes huge gains and huge problems for Native Americans in higher education.


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