Affirmative action/racial preferences

Generational Improvements

Smart Title: 
Study documents educational progress for children of immigrants, and gaps among immigrant groups.

A Less Leftist Brown

Smart Title: 
Hiring of Glenn Loury and other moves leave conservatives praising a university they loved to bash.

Open to All

Smart Title: 
U. of Oregon ends policy that excluded white students from priority enrollment in certain courses.

End of the Line for Wash. Affirmative Action Case

Smart Title: 
U.S. Supreme Court declines to consider challenge to admissions policy at the university's law school, 8 years after it was filed.

Arizona State Ends Class Limited to Native Americans

Smart Title: 
Civil rights group complained that having race-specific sections of a course was unconstitutional.

Moving Beyond Test Scores

Smart Title: 
Following a large drop in admitting black freshmen, U. of Kentucky changes its admissions procedures to emphasize diversity.

A Diversity Candidate in Every Pool

Smart Title: 
Marquette's provost tries new approach to encourage the hiring of more minority faculty members.

Michiganders Will Vote on Affirmative Action

Smart Title: 
U.S. Supreme Court upheld it in 2003, but state appeals court approves initiative for next year's ballots.

End to the Admissions Index

Smart Title: 
U. of Washington will give every single application a full look, from grades to socioeconomic background.

The Missing Black Men

Smart Title: 
City U. of New York starts ambitious effort to deal with one of higher ed's most vexing demographic challenges.


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